For your consideration is this Dallape Super Maestro Model made during the 1950's with 41 keys and 120 basses - four voices of the discant and five to the basses. 15 registers at the discant and 6 to the basses. The accordion has two voices in the tone chamber. This model is a top of the line Dallape Accordion. Before selling it I went to a professional accordion service center and this said it is in playing condition. For cosmetic condition, please see the pictures below for more details. It has a gold color on the accordion and the case that was likely done by the previous owner. The previous owner was a professional musician. It has some signs of use but only one small wood panel has damage (see the pictures). NO holes, no belts. In the center I took it to, they told me that it is in good condition and that a fair price for an accordion of this model and condition would be $4,500. Selling as-is, no returns. You are buying what you see in the pictures below. Quick shipping: 3-4 days